Medical Tourism in Turkey

Medical tourism in TurkeyThe Turkish health sector awaits you with its expertise and high standards of care. Turkey can boast;

  • The third highest Joint Commission International accredited facilities in the world.
  • Approximately 60 internationally competitive medical schools train thousands of Turkish and foreign medical students to high professional standards and certifications in all areas of specialization.
  • All accredited Turkish hospitals are equipped with world class infrastructure and modern technology. A full range of diagnostic and treatment services are available, including the newest, evidence based techniques and medical alternatives.
  • Almost all major pharmaceutical companies such as Pfizer, GlaxoSmithKline, Johnson and Johnson, Sanofi-Aventis, Merck, Novartis, Roche and Astra Zeneca are present in Turkey with regional headquarters and manufacturing facilities as well as many local manufacturers.
  • Reliable supply of blood is provided by Kizilay (the Turkish Red Crescent) which is a JCI accredited organization.

The US$ 6,000 rule by "Patients Beyond Borders": A good monetary barometer of whether your medical travel to another country is financially worthwhile is if your total quote for local treatments, including consultations, procedure and hospital stay, is USD 6,000 or more, you'll probably save money by traveling abroad for your care.

dental implant in TurkeyMedical tourism offers a cost effective alternative to expensive surgeries with long wait times in your country. Cosmetic surgery, hair transplants, dental implants and iLasik are approximately 60% cheaper in Turkey compared to Western countries. This is precisely why medical tourism in the country is booming at a very fast pace. You may want to do your procedures abroad to enjoy a wonderful trip.

Organ and bone marrow transplantation, cardiology and cardiovascular surgery, oncology, gamma knife, in vitro fertilization, orthopedics and traumatology, spine surgery, neurosurgery, reproductive health and pre-implantation genetic diagnosis and bariatric surgeries are all available in Turkey at high Western standards.

Turkey presently is successfully treating thousands of foreign patients every month from Europe and neighboring countries. The country now sees between 1.5 million to 2 million medical tourists per year. Turkish cities offer a safe and friendly environment for patients and their companions during recuperation.

Turkey is a country where the East meets the West, rich in its culture and history. Combine your medical tourism with visits to Istanbul's Hagia Sophia, the Blue Mosque, Grand Bazaar, Topkapi Palace; or beyond the sites enjoy modern shopping malls and an active nightlife with fine dining. Outside the city you can visit Cappadocia area, Pamukkale, colossal Nemrut mountain, ancient sites of Ephesus and Troy. Or simply rest and relax on the beautiful Mediterranean coast in a sea front villa.

You should book all your medical needs with expert and licenced tour operators in the field of medical tourism, covering all logistics from the day of arrival to the day of departure. To maximize the comfort of patients and their families all related details from initial consultation to travel scheduling and accommodation are coordinated by experts.