The ancient city of Hippokome is located in the mountainous area bordering Caria and the northwest Lycia regions of Asia Minor. The site sits on a hill near It Asari at Cogmen village, some 30 km (19 miles) from Dalaman city, in Mugla province. Hippokome translates into "City of Horses" in ancient Carian language. It is believed that the city changed hands between Caria and Lycia and finally passed to the Lycians during the reign of Pericles.

You can see few ruins of structures from Roman and Byzantine eras at the site. In the southwestern parts of the city, there are three big rock-tombs similar to those of Lycian style, but no inscription in the Lycian language. There is a Greek inscription in one of these tombs, so the name of this city was read there. There are steps to climb to the top of the city on the right and left of these tombs, where there is a fortress surrounding the hill and ruins of buildings that are likely to be a water cistern and a warehouse inside the castle.