Mugla is the ideal destination for those who want everything at once. It was one of the many ancient cities of the Caria region, todays Aegean region of Turkey. The most beautiful holiday resorts of Bodrum, Marmaris, Datca, Fethiye, Dalyan and many others are all within the borders of Mugla province.

There are many quality holiday villages, comfortable hotels and hospitable guest houses in Mugla and here you may enjoy every type of holiday, except for winter sports. The landscape is perfectly mingled with dozens of historical sites, such as Labranda, Lagina, Caunos, Euromos, Iassos and Stratonikea, bearing the traces of past civilizations of Anatolia. The beaches are available for any type of water sport, as unspoiled bays and clear waters await you in Mugla, such as in Gokova Gulf.

In the city center there are picturesque views with the traditional architecture of Turkish houses and an Aegean type of living. The international airports of Milas and Dalaman are the main ones to reach the region by air.

The population of Mugla province is around one million (in 2020), but during summer months this number is tripled with people coming to their summer homes or hotels in the major holiday destinations within the province. It has 1,100 kilometers (683 miles) of coastline by the sea. Köycegiz and Bafa lakes are the biggest lakes of the province.

One of the most interesting and traditional activities in Mugla province is the Camel Wrestling which is organized during winter months in several districts and villages of the province.