Tarhana soup

Tarhana corbasi
Ingredients Measure Amount
Tarhana (dry) ½ cup 75 grams
Water 6 cups 1200 grams
Salt 1½ teaspoons 9 grams
Butter or margarine 4 tablespoons 40 grams
Mint 1½ tablespoons 2 grams
Red pepper ½ teaspoon 1 gram

Servings: 6

Dissolve tarhana in water, add the salt and cook for 10 minutes. Melt butter or margarine, add mint and red pepper and stir a few times and sprinkle over the soup.

Nutritional Value (in approximately one serving):
Energy 88 cal, Protein 1.5 g, Fat 6.1 g, Carbohydrates 7.2 g, Calcium 87 mg, Iron 0.27 mg, Phosphorus 2 mg, Zinc 0 mg, Sodium 593 mg, Vitamin A 187 iu, Thiamine - mg, Riboflavin - mg, Niacin 0.03 mg, Vitamin C - mg, Cholesterol 0 mg.

Notes: In some regions, while preparing the soup, pre-cooked chickpeas, pre-cooked dried white beans or browned ground meat and green peppers are also added.