Saint Peter

Saint Peter was a simple, illiterate (Acts 4:13) Galilean fisherman, who worked together with his brother, Andrew. We can infer that he was married, since it is recorded in Mark 1:29-31 that his mother-in-law's fever was miraculously healed by Jesus. He was also known as Simon or Cephas and his brother Saint Andrew the Apostle led him to Christ. Renamed "Peter" (rock) by Jesus to indicate that Peter would be the rock on which the Church would be built. Saint Peter was the most enthusiastic and brave among the apostles. Jesus designated him as the leader of the apostles. Peter was a bishop and first Pope. With the order of emperor Nero around AD 68 he was crucified head downward in Rome because he claimed he was not worthy to die in the same manner as Christ.

He carved a rock church in Antioch (todays Hatay) for the first time. He is one of the most important saints of Christianity.

Peter has the Patronage against frenzy, bakers, butchers, clock makers, cobblers, Exeter College Oxford, fever, fishermen, foot problems, harvesters, locksmiths, longevity, papacy, people named Peter, Popes, Poznan, Poland, Rome, shoemakers, Universal Church and watch makers.

His Feast days are;

  • 29 June; feast of Peter and Paul
  • 22 February; feast of the Chair of Peter, emblematic of the world unity of the Church
  • 18 November; feast of the dedication of the Basilicas of Peter and Paul