Nevsehir used to be a small village in the Anatolian plateau called Muskara until 18th century, when the Ottoman grand vizier Damat Ibrahim Pasha decided to flourish his hometown by building several mosques, roads, and medreses. In 1954 it became a province of Turkey.

Today Nevsehir is a regional transport hub and provincial town for the surrounding area. It's close enough to the sites of Cappadocia to make it practical as a base from which to tour, but it doesn't have the same 'charm' as the smaller Cappadocian towns and villages. Useful place to find buses and any bus coming from the west will stop here on the way through. The city is about 30 km to Tuzkoy airport and 100 km to Kayseri airport. It's 1150 meters above sea level, experience a Continental climate, has a population of 298,339 (2019), and covers an area of 5.467 square km.

Hotels and Pansiyons are plentiful here but the size of the place makes it a little tricky to get around without your own transport. It's useful to know that you can find services here that aren't available in the wilds of the interior but with any luck you won't need them. There are two universities in the city hence there are several cafeterias and restaurants available at reasonable prices.

It does have a decent archaeological and ethnographical museum with Byzantine, the Hittite, the Roman and Ottoman artifacts and a couple of interesting mosques that are worth a visit if you are here for the day.

On 29th of March 2006, Total Solar Eclipse was seen in Nevsehir at 14:02pm local time.