Turkish Industry

Turkey is an emerging market economy and often classified as a newly industrialized country. The Turkish industry continues to grow regularly, thanks to its geopolitical position, its young and dynamic workforce, and State incentives for local and foreign investors. The industrial vision of Turkey is;

increasing the competitiveness and efficiency of Turkish Industry and expediting the transformation to an industry structure which has more share in world exports, where mainly high-tech products with high added value are produced, which has qualified labor and which at the same time is sensitive to the environment and the society.

Turkish industry employs around 20% of the labour force. Its major industries are Automotive, Chemical, Construction, Technology & Electronics, Food Processing, Furniture & Decoration, Iron & Steel & Metallurgy, Textile & Apparel & Ready Wear, Packaging & Logistics, Defense, Energy & Natural Resources, Industrial Machinery & White Goods, Gold & Jewellery process.

The Turkish construction and contracting industry made a huge leap due to rapid urbanization during the last decades, the largest of which was ranked 40th in the world by size.

Manufacturing is the most important sector, holding 84% of total production. The biggest segments within Manufacturing are: food products, textile and apparel, motor vehicles, basic metals and fabricated metal products, plastic products, chemicals and chemical products, electrical equipment.

The textile and clothing sector has a very high share in the total production, employment and exports in the country. Turkey is 7th largest textile products exporter and 4th largest clothing exporter in the world.

The iron and steel sector in Turkey is of great importance for the general performance of the manufacturing industry due to its increasing production capacity, export potential and the inputs it provides to other sectors.

The Automotive Industry of Turkey has made significant steps in quality management, global competition, R&D and technology management, and highly skilled human resources.

Turkish Defence Industry grew steadily in the last decades. Arms exports of Turkey increased to 3 billion US dollars in 2019, holding 14th rank in the world.

TUSIAD, the Turkish Industry and Business Association, is a voluntary organization of Turkey's leading entrepreneurs and executives who lead the way in the industrial sector.

Source: Ministry of Industry and Trade