Cahit Sitki Taranci

1910 - 1956

Cahit Sitki Taranci is a Turkish poet, writer and translator. He was one of the leading poets of Turkish poetry of the Republican period. His real name was Hüseyin Cahit. The "loneliness" and "death" are the themes in his poems, in which he reflects both the joy of life and pessimism.

Cahit Sitki Taranci was born on October 4, 1910 in Diyarbakir. After Galatasaray High School, he continued his education at Ankara University - Faculty of Political Sciences. He went to Paris in 1939 and worked as an announcer for Turkish broadcasts on Paris Radio. When World War II broke out, he returned home and did his military service. After the war, he worked for a while at his father's workplace in Istanbul, worked as a translator at Anadolu Agency in Ankara, and also worked for a while at the Ministry of Labor. He became famous when he won first place in the competition of poetry in 1946 with his poem "35 Yas" (35 Years). His first poetry book, "Ömrümde Sükut" (Silence in My Life), was published in 1933.

He lost his ability to speak as a result of a partial paralysis. Cahit Sitki died on October 12, 1956 in Vienna - Austria, where he was taken for treatment.

His books
  • Poems
    • Ömrümde Sükut (Silence in My Life), 1933
    • 35 Yas (Thirty-Five Years), 1946
    • Düsten Güzel (More Beautiful than a Dream), 1952
    • Sonrasi (Aftermath), published after his death in 1957 and 1962
  • Letters
    • Ziya'ya Mektuplar (Letters to Ziya Osman Saba), published after his death in 1957
  • Stories
    • Cahit Sitki's Storytelling and His Stories, compiled by Selahattin Ömerli after his death, published in 1976
    • All His Poems, compiled by Asim Bezirci, published in 1983