Bitlis stands in a narrow stream valley in the Eastern Anatolia region, right in the middle of a green oasis. Due to its location in Anatolia, it is an important center for tobacco and honey production in eastern Turkey. A Byzantine castle with polygonal towers dominates the town. There are several mosques in the town, such as the Ulu Mosque from the 12th century and the Serefiye Mosque.

The city is surrounded by walnut trees, and if you are traveling through Bitlis in autumn you will have the chance to buy some of these delicious nuts from the children who sell them along the road. Local folk dances of Bitlis are also very famous. 25 kilometers (15,5 miles) northeast of the city there is the harbor town of Tatvan from which passenger and train ferry connections sail across the lake to the city of Van, cruising around Akdamar Island.

Mount Nemrut is a perfect opportunity here for mountaineers, skiers and nature lovers. This mountain is not to be mistaken with the magnificent mountain of the same name; Nemrut, which has giant statues on top. This is an extinct volcano with a deep, clear and cold crater lake, also having hot volcanic springs.

Ahlat area is famous for its tombstones and kumbets from Seljuk period, definately not to miss.

There are fine beaches and restaurants in the town. 25 kilometers north of Ahlat there is the ancient Urartian city of Adilcevaz where precious and important remains have been found. The Ulu Mosque on the shores of Van Lake, and the Kef Castle from the Seljuk period, are to the west of Adilcevaz. The great Mount Süphan is, of course, the most attractive spot in Bitlis. You may climb Süphan in summer when it is perfect for trekking.