Belly Dance

Turkish belly dancerBelly dance, or the oriental dance, is one of the oldest forms of dance and also one of the world's most famous and favourite dances. It's a well-known, fun and highly expressive dance form. It's known for self-expression for the female body. This dance was originated in the Middle East and Egypt many centuries ago.

Belly Dancing promotes balance, strength, coordination and confidence. It boosts an increase in core strength, which provides flexibility, stability in the body and enhances posture. A full routine makes use of many different muscles in your body. It's a great physical activity that uses your body's weight and help you to achieve a sense of holistic well-being. Thus, belly dancing adds not only attractiveness to a woman, but also health.

The trick is isolating the muscles for moves such as twisting the abdomen and intricate hip movements in a range of dynamic and emotional expressions. Swaying hips, undulating belly and torso, shaking buttocks and breasts makes belly dancing unique.

This exotic form of dance became very popular in Turkey since the Ottoman period, where it is called "göbek dansi" in Turkish. Many professional dancers and musicians in Turkey today continue to be of Romani origins, colloquially known as the "Gypsies". Turkish belly dance music use the familiar 4/4 time signature, but there are also music counted in 5, 7, and 9 beat patterns (5/8, 7/8, 9/8).