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Izmir excursions

Half Day Tour of Izmir City
(on private basis, except Mondays)

In the morning pick-up from your hotel and start your half day city tour of Izmir including the Roman Agora, which was used as a square shaped market place during the Roman rule of the city; Archaeological museum, which houses several Hellenistic and Roman findings from Izmir and surrounding area, including roman mosaics, sarcophagi, statues and so on; Mount Pagos, today known as Kadifekale, has an impressive fortress on the hilltop controlling the city and offering a great panorama. A final visit will be made to the historic Elevator to enjoy another great view of Izmir. Return to your hotel.

Full Day Ephesus & Mary's House Tour
(on private or group basis)

Drive to Selcuk, and visit the Shrine of Virgin Mary, where she is believed to spent her last days. Proceed to ancient Ephesus and see the Odeon, the Bouleterion, the fountains, the temples, the brothel, the library, the agoras, the great theater, the roman baths, the gymnasiums and so on. After lunch, visit the Archeological Museum and the Temple of Artemis, one of the Seven Wonders of the ancient world. Drive back to Izmir at the end of your visits.

Full Day Pergamon Tour
(on private or group basis)

Drive to Pergamon. Visit the Acropolis where you'll see the Temple of Athena, the library, the Royal Palaces, the Temple of Trojan, the steepest theater of the world, the Temple of Dionysos, the Altar of Zeus and so on. Then visit the Asclepion, the most famous ancient medical center in Anatolia. Drive back to Izmir at the end of your visits.

Full Day Sardis Tour
(on private basis)

Drive to Sardis, ancient capital of ancient Lydia, where you'll see the significant ruins of the city such as the great Temple of Artemis, the golden river Pactalos, the Persian Royal Road, the reconstructed Synagogue, the Gymnasium and so on. Drive back to Izmir at the end of your visits.

Full Day Priene - Miletus - Dydima Tour
(on private basis)

Depart for Priene, the first planned city of the ancient world dominating today's cotton lands. Visit the theater, the Temple of Athena, the Prytaneion, the agora, and the Altar of Zeus and Cybele. Proceed to Miletus, one of the principal Ionian cities and home of Thales. Visit the great theater with a Byzantine Fortress built on top of it, the agoras, the harbor, the Delphinium, the Nymphaeum, the Bouleterion, and the Faustina Baths. Then, continue to Dydima and visit the great Temple of Apollo which was the center of oracles for many centuries. Drive back to Izmir at the end of your visits.

Full Day Pamukkale Tour
(on private basis)

Early departure and drive to Pamukkale (the cotton castle) which is one of the most spectacular sites. See the wonderful calcium formations of the travertine and watch the cataracts falling into basins at the bottom of the mountain. Visit the ancient Greco-Roman city of Hierapolis, its largest Necropolis in Asia Minor, thermal baths, great theater, temples, and streets. Drive back to Izmir at the end of your visits in the late afternoon.

Important notes:

  • All tours include pick-up & drop-off from/to hotels in Izmir or at the airport, A/C car or van or bus depending on the size of the group, fuel & road tolls & parking fees
  • All tours exclude beverages and meals
  • Group tours are run with a minimum of 8 participants. There is no minimum number for private tours
  • Tours from Kusadasi or Izmir ports are done on private basis only, in case you're on a cruise ship

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