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Mesut Yilmaz

Mesut YilmazPlace of Birth: Istanbul, Turkey
Date of Birth: November 6, 1947
Schooling: Received a degree in finance/economics from Ankara University, did graduate studies in economics and social sciences in Germany.

Career Path:
Forms Motherland Party in 1983 with former President Turgut Ozal
Elected Deputy of Turkish Grand Assembly (November 1983)
Appointed State Minister of Information (December 1983)
Minister of Culture and Tourism (1986)
Minister of Foreign Affairs (December 1987)
Prime Minister (Governments of June - October 1991, March - June 1996, June 1997-1998)

Political Goals and Strategies:
Yilmaz has been described as an ardent secularist in the grand tradition of Atatürk. He has aggressively pursued privatization of the economy, and has worked to reform the tax code and the social security system. He has concentrated on resolving the Kurdish uprisings by PKK in Eastern Anatolia, and worked to reduce violence and improve Turkey’s human-rights record.

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