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Humus (Mashed Chick Peas with Tahin)

Ingredients                   Measure             Amount
Chick peas                    1 cups            300 grams
Water                          3 cups                600 grams
Garlic                           3 cloves               10 grams
Olive oil                       2/3 cup               130 grams
Tahin (sesame paste)    cup                100 grams
Lemon juice                 2 tablespoons       20 grams
Salt                             2 teaspoons          12 grams
Red pepper                  1 teaspoon             2 grams
Parsley                        1/6 teaspoon        10 grams
Sumac                       teaspoon           1 gram
Cummins                     teaspoon           1 gram
Servings: 6

Wash the chickpeas and soak overnight in 2 cups of water. Add 1 more cup of water and cook in pressure cooker for about 1 hour, until the chickpeas are very soft. Remove from cooking liquid, mash and pass through a sieve. Peel the garlic, wash and crush, add it to the chickpeas together with cup olive oil, tahin, lemon juice, salt and teaspoon red pepper. Add cup of the cooking liquid and mix. Place on a serving dish. Wash the parsley and separate the leaves and use them to decorate the dish, sprinkling sumac and cumin among the leaves. Heat the remaining oil in the pan, add the remaining red pepper and stir a couple of times, turn off the heat and slowly pour over the paste.

Nutritional Value: (in approximately one serving)
Energy 478 cal, Protein 14.1 g, Fat 32.9 g, Carbohydrates 33.3 g, Calcium 96 mg, Iron 5.24 mg, Phosphorus 173 mg, Zinc 2 mg, Sodium 807 mg, Vitamin A 201 iu, Thiamine 0.31 mg, Riboflavin 0.09 mg, Niacin 1.80 mg, Vitamin C 3 mg, Cholesterol 0 mg.

A popular dish from the southern provinces. It is mostly served as an appetizer (meze) at cocktail and tea parties. In some regions boiled potatoes are used instead of chickpeas and is known as the "Potato Humus".

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