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Alacahöyük, located at 36 kilometers (23 miles) from Bogazkoy (ancient Hattusas) within Corum province of Turkey, is an important site of the Hittite era. Before the Hittites, the Hattion - a Bronze Age culture - dominated in this region and the artifacts of gold and bronze objects from this period are sheltered now in the Anatolian Civilizations Museum in Ankara. The Hittite gateway is the most fascinating part of the city which is flanked by two sphinxes and furnished with Hittite stone relieves. The museum building in Alacahöyük houses on its two floors findings of the Hittite period discovered from the excavations in the area.

Excavations in the archaeological site started during the late Ottoman period, which unearthed also an ancient dam which is still used today by local farmers in the area. There are 14 layers of settlements on the site which date back to four separate periods in the history of Anatolia.

Nearby Alacahoyuk you can visit other Hittite sites such as Hattusa and Yazilikaya.

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