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New regulations for visiting historic mosques

Posted: 27 Feb 2013, 13:28
by buraksan
As of 15th of March 2013 new regulations for visiting historic mosques in Istanbul will be affective.

The historic mosques of the city will be opening for foreign visitors at 08:30 AM every day. During winter months (01 October-31 March) they will close to visitors at 17:00 PM. During summer months (01 April-30 September) they will close at 19:00 PM.

Some of these historic mosques where there is a big concentration of tourist groups and visitors (such as Sultanahmet, Yeni, Suleyman, Fatih, Eyup, and so on) will be closed on Fridays until the very end of Friday prayers (approximately around 14:30/15:00). So, it means that these mosques will open to visitors late on Fridays.